Getsemane’s church

The project 5th semester project

The project is about renovation of the Getsemane’s church. There are designed
new flats for students, more common space and space for the concerts inside
the church. Because the new face of the church was supposed to be more open
to the public, we designed a new main entrance oriented to the public road. The
building also has a nice green roof and there will be solar panels on the roof.
About materials, we will use beige bricks panel cladding for the whole church.
Bricks will be used in big panels with insulation, hanging on the wall. For the
new building we decided to use white plaster and wooden façade.

The FSCcertified spruce wood is from sustainable forestry and thanks the impregnation 

doesn’t change its color. The big advantage is that there is no montage needed
and it is very easy to work with. In the new building there will be an intensive
green roof with an irrigation concept. For the roof of the new building, we will
use long-lasting metal panels, slope will be 5 degrees. For the glass part I used
the Schuco façade system. The all project is 935m2.